Worst Premiership Start

  The EPL season has kicked off, and there seems to be nothing but loads of bad news for Manchester United supporters. 2 points from 3 games is’nt exactly how the champions would have wanted to start the season. This also incidentally is the worst start by a defending champion in a season.But, as they say, there still is a long way to go, and every possibility that a grand fightback is in the offing. In any case, they are 17th now, and there is only one way to go: up.

  What seems to irk fans the most is the manner in which the games have panned out. Against reading, in the frist match of the season, United kept attacking all the way. What was missing however was that elusive goal. It’s a very rare phenomenon: goalless draws featuring Man U. Sure, Evra missed an oppprtunity begging to be taken, and Reading hardly came close to scoring, but still the match ended goalless.

  Portsmouth was always going to be a tricky affair, and that was proved. 1-1 at the end, but again, it was United all the way. Save that Benjani strike, Pompei had nothing to show in front of goal. And yet, all the champs got was a draw. Now the presence of a predator-like striker was being sorely missed, somebody like Van Nistelrooy.

  The manchester derby always promises to be close, but this time, United lost 1-0.Again, it was a match they dominated from the word go. Some missed chances, (Scholes, Tevez, Evra) a crossbar hit (Vidic) and a deflected goal (from Vidic) later, Man U were staring at a long season of playing catch-up to the big 3.

  Now the focus turns to Spurs.Theres no Rooney, and Ronaldo will thankfully make a return. But united need a goal machine- somebody who will rarely venture out of the 6 yard box, and convert all chances that are  created. Somebody who can tap in goals, the kind of ones Tevez missed last time round. Roumour has it that United are looking for short term replacements for Rooney, and rumour also has it that its goin to be Nicolas Anelka. In any case, they had better get this season off and running with 3 points againts the Spurs, or else they may just need to kiss a consecutive premiership title goodbye.

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