Get the basics right to win against the best

India and AustraliaThe party time is over. India have lost the home series against the ODI World Champions in the ongoing Future Cup. I just hope India wins the next game. After a superb and immaculate performance by Andrew Symonds, Australia sealed the series with some good bowling and temperament when Sachin and Sourav were going well.
Being an ardent fan of Indian Cricket, i was hoping that India win win this game anyhow. They started well with the wicket of Clarke in first over. After the second wicket partnership Aussies lost the way and lost 3 quick wickets and score read 129/4. Then came the man who has been the most consistent performer for Australians in this series. Andrew Symonds spoke of his annoyance few days back at certain Indian cricketers and also at the manner in which he was heckled in Vadodara. In Nagpur, he channelised his ire to hit the Indians where it hurt most, and a glorious 82-ball century made sure that Australia get to good total on batting beauty.
India started well and Sachin and Sourav hit the boundaries regularly. Despite a good opening stand India lost the way in the middle and late flourish by Uthappa was also not sufficient to keep series alive. Australians played like true champions but India are themselves to be blamed for some lack of basics on the field.
Starting with the fielding India dropped couple of catches and that of two very crucial batsmen in opposition side. First Gilchrist was dropped by Dravid when he was on 4 and then he went to make on quick fired 51. The second chance was put down by Sreesanth of Andrew Symonds. He was on 2 then. He grabbed the chance and played a series winning knock for his side. The way Indians bowled at depth is the matter of serious concern. In all the matches Australians have scored almost 100 runs in last 8-9 overs and today too they scored 94 off last 9 overs. Apart from Zaheer none of the bowlers tried variations and yorker length. The main feature of Aussie innings was that apart from the boundaries they scored 85 singles, 20 twos, 3 threes. On the other hand Indians never looked for quick singles, doubles and forgot that they can take three runs as well. Ganguly was not interested in 2s and left quite a few 1s as well. In the end that what made the difference between the winning and loosing side.
These problems are not new to India but the problem is that they are not rectifying these. Unless and until they get the very basics of Cricket right we are not going to defeat the best team in the world. This is the time to set the things right at the grass root level.

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  1. Anupam

    Very correct. I saw the game and felt that Indians missed atleast 30 runs and they gave more than 20 extra runs while fielding……
    introspection is required…..


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