Chappell – Back again with Pandora’s Box

Greg Chappell - Back again with Pandora’s BoxGreg Chappell has been in news for the last few days.

So the “good” old dog is barking again.

Chappell surely has a nuisance value. To be honest, it’s quite tempting to blame him for everything that has been going wrong around the world. The idiot is saying that he was racially abused and has accused BCCI of cover-up. According to him, he got and “old” and “flawed” team for the World Cup 2007 and similar crap.

Let me tell you that I am a staunch supporter of Indian Cricket and won’t accept any illogical and personal abuses towards our team. Chappell’s two-year stint with Team India was more about mudslinging and muckraking than managing the side. Greg Chappell’s time as the coach of the Indian cricket team will always be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The following have been his “contributions” to the team:

  • Greg ChappellDue to excessive experimentation, he almost spoiled the careers of Sehwag, Kaif & Pathan.
  • The master who got a job for him at a handsome salary of Rs 90 lacs and incentives was shown door out of the team and was told that “he is physically and mentally unfit to lead and values finances more than anything“.
  • He showed the doors to Zaheer, Balaji & Nehra on the grounds that they were unfit and were selfish and never played as team men.
  • He converted Pathan (once compared with Wasim Akram) from a pace-producing swing blowler to a mediocre medium fast bowler with a bowling speed of 120/122 kmph on the pretext of making an all rounder.

As a result, the team which had woven itself up into a cohesive unit over the period was broken into pieces.

He is an unscrupulous, dishonest person; a scoundrel to say the least because he never accepted his follies while his tenure as Indian Coach. He was in India to hog some limelight and nothing else. It was evident from the way he managed the team. His doctrine of “perform or perish” ensured that team is torn apart. He made headlines for silly reasons such as showing the middle finger in Kolkata, commenting on Parliamentarians that “the parliamentarians were paid to hurl accusations at the coach because the team was losing”, etc.

Now that the Indian team is doing well again, it seems he just cannot digest this fact and advances made by India recently in the cricketing arena. What a timing to hog the limelight yet again. India were on the verge of clinching the series against arch-rivals Pakistan, when his stupid statements started to appear in the media. Glorifying the magnanimous Greg Chappell, the Australian newspaper Herald Sun says

“Despite the disillusionment and the many frustrations, he is still trying to help a nation in which cricket is treated like a religion”

A big favour indeed. Oh! What will India do without you Mr Greg Chappell?
If the victim Mr. Greg Chappell is so disheartened by this nation of “old, selfish and racists”, why is it that he has come back to this country? Why has he landed himself a job with Rajasthan Cricket Academy? The person who gave him this job is Lalit Modi, the Vice-President of BCCI. Why is he employed with somebody party to a cover-up?

Chappell says he didn’t get the team he wanted for the 2007 World Cup. Is Chappell saying he would have won the Cup with Suresh Raina, Venugopal Rao and other such 19-year-olds replacing Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and the other “seniors”?

As for the comment that the team for the 2007 World Cup was “old” and “flawed” and got the result it deserved, it begs the question: did Team India get the coach it deserved?

Greg Chappell is a shirker and he needs to realize that he was an abject failure as a coach and he conducted himself miserably. And one is so prone to hearing lies from this person, that it is hard to believe that he is speaking the truth this time around.

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