Alonso is back with Renault!!

In this era of Competition the loyalties of drivers to their constructors does not last beyond a season. Every man is for himself. The latest proving this adage is Fernando Alonso who has joined Renault for 2008.

Former Formula 1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso will be racing for Renault for the year 2008. Alonso has signed a two year contract with the ING Renault team. Alonso had a successful stint with the French constructors earlier in 2005 and 2006 when he had won the drivers championship and had become the youngest driver to clinch the championship.

Alonso had a spat with his teammate Brit Lewis Hamilton and with the Mclaren Boss and both decided to end Alonso’s contract with Mclaren amicably. Hamilton will be driving for Mclaren while his teammate has not been confirmed yet. On the other hand Nelson Piquet Jr, son of former drivers champion Nelson Piquet will be teaming up with Alonso at Renault as Renault will be sporting a brand new car and a new line up for 2008.

The last season, the most competitive one in the last few years will be remembered for more than the racing on the track. The Ferrari and Mclaren Spying row which was ruled in favour of Ferrari created a furore over the ethics of the sport. Mclaren had to pay a huge fine and were also docked all points of the constructors championship. Ferrari took home the constructors championship. The rivalry between Hamilton and Alonso meant that both of them wanted to be drivers championship and would definitely not be entertaining any team orders. Raikonnen had been the outsider but in the last few races of the season an inspiring performance from the Finn ensured that he won his first Drivers championship whereas the Mclaren team were left musing over an unsuccessful season.

After his spat with Mclaren, the Spaniard didn’t really have too many options as Renault had finished third in the constructors championship with 51 points and it was the one team he could revert back on. The Renault boss had once said that Alonso is the best F1 driver of the post Schumacher era. Well Alonso did prove him right by winning two consecutive titles and just narrowly missing out on the third.

Alonso’s move to Renault also highlights the fact that Renault are probably with the likes of Ferrari and Mclaren in the race for the constructors championship for the upcoming season. If that’s to be realized, they will have to depend on the experience of Alonso who had previously helped them win two back to back constructor championships in 2005 and 2006. Alonso meanwhile would love to get even with Hamilton and Raikonnen after this years disappointing season. The 2008 season promises to be an exciting and pulsating one. It is yet to be seen whether Alonso’s move to Renault will pay off. Or will it yet again be the Tifosi fans of Ferrari having the last laugh. Whichever way the three horse race between Alonso, Hamilton and Raikonnen goes, we are in for a humdinger of a season.

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