Winning is all that Matters

History is written by the Winners. All that the losers can do is whine, grumble and crib. But in spite of all the dubious umpiring decisions and the unsporting behaviour of the Aussies, the rule book will maintain that the Aussies won the Sydney Test.

And guess what awaits the Indians at Perth. A red hot fiery pitch which will be mouth watering for the Aussie pacers even before the start of the Test. Perth has arguably the most bouncy track in the World and don’t expect anything different this time around. In fact the Aussie will more or less be going with four pacers including Shaun Tait in the line up. For the first time in sixteen years even before the Shane Warne era had started the Aussies will not field a spinner in the eleven. The Indian batsmen will surely have their task cut out.

The Indian think tank will have to take some tough decisions. Should they leave out Harbhajan Singh and go ahead with Irfan Pathan. Should they swap the cupid struck Yuvraj for the in form Sehwag or should they include an extra fifth bowler by keeping Yuvraj out. Lots of points to ponder on as Kumble would try and put the emotionally and mentally draining week of Cricket at Sydney behind him.

The Aussies are ruthless. It is fitting that the tours to Australia are called ‘Down Under’ because once the Aussies are on top they bury you right under their will to win. You need the character of an Iron Man to survive let alone triumph in Australia. The Aussies maybe unsporting, may not really be popular with the viewers but they play to win. Even if it involves bending of the rules or not playing Cricket the gentleman’s way they make sure that they emerge as Winners.

When Aussies toured India last time around they lost the last test at Wankhede. Remember Ponting whining about the pitch not being up to Cricketing standards. Ah! all that losers can do is whine. Or take for example Glam Doll of Indian Television Rakhee Sawant. Didn’t she throw tantrums after losing Nach Baliye 3. If you win then everything is sound and perfect, if you lose the opposition has cheated. Kiddish really. Doesn’t work in a mature society.

If the Sydney Test is anything to go by, then the verdict is clear. Never trust the Aussies. They’ll do whatever it takes (even more than CNN-IBN) to come out trumps. The Indians can no longer be meek. If they sledge, give it back to them. If they appeal for grassed catches, you appeal for catches which haven’t even been taken. Let the Aussies know, you aren’t playing with the ethics and morals of the game anymore. Winning will be the best revenge. There are no rules in Love and War. No prizes for guessing what the Battle at Perth is going to be like. This is where I think Sreesanth will be sorely missed. He might not have been the most talented bowler around, but with his sheer antics he could unnerve the Aussies. Even as the 12th man coming on to the pitch with the occasional towel or drinks, he would have got under the skin of the Aussies just by giving them a stare right into their retina.

When you play a Sport you play it for the pride. There are no ethics or morals in War. If there were, then the war would have not occurred in the first place. Lets keep the Sydney fiasco behind us and take on the Aussies with a fresh strategy. Glory awaits those who succeed under the most trying circumstances. Forgive the cliché but when the going gets tough the tough needs to get going. No more of the Indian Gentleman behaviour because in the sport of Life, Winning is all that matters.

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