Symonds: Kumble’s 600th test victim

Anil Radhakrishna Kumble or AK 37 is the most lethal weapon in Indian Cricket’s armoury. AK made Symonds his 600th test victim in Perth on Day 2 of the 3Mobile Test Series. India took some quick wickets today but partnership between Andrew Symonds and Gilchrist steadied the Australian innings. The wicket came at the right time when Symonds looked dangerous. Symonds edged to Dhoni, the ball jumped off Dhoni’s glove, reached Dravid’s hands, who was in the first slip. Indians were ecstatic, but Rauf kept quiet. Indians kept appealing. Here goes Rauf’s finger up! Celebrations begins! History is made at Perth.  Anil Kumble not only broke the partnership but also joined the elite club of bowlers who have taken 600 or more test wickets which includes only spinners Shane Warne and Mutthhiah Muralidharan. Anil Kumble is without doubt India’s greatest spinner of all time – not only in terms of wickets but also by being a member of the winning team on more occasions than any other bowler in the history of Indian cricket.

AKNever termed a classical leg-spinner (primarily because he is not a huge turner of the ball) in the real sense of the word, Anil has proved in his 16 long years in international cricket, that his style was equally effective. With a clever mix of top-spinners, googlies, leg-breaks, flight and a variation of pace, he has outwitted many a batsman. Facing a vary tall spinner, hurling deliveries at short of medium-pace, with every ball on target, can be a very daunting task.

Anil Kumble has some unique achievements in his illustrious career that one can only dream of. Anil Kumble is the only second bowlers in the history of test cricket who could take 10 wickets in a test innings. In a test match against Pakistan in 1999, Anil Kumble took all of the 10 wickets of Pakistan’s second innings leading India to win the test and level the series. After English spinner Jim Laker, Anil Kumble is the second person who has this distinction in his career. 

Recently, Anil Kumble got his maiden test century in the recent test series against England. Scoring 110 not out at his 118th Test and 151st innings, Anil Kumble took the highest number of tests to get his first test century. Actually, both his test century and test captaincy have come to him surprisingly. Even he could not think off getting a century in test cricket and test captaincy at the age of 37. He handled the matter agressively after the racial controversy in Sydney and is now considered to be the toughest man in Indian Cricket at the moment. 

With a down to earth personality, this leg spinner is always a respected person both on and off the field. From the umpires to opposition players, almost everybody knows him a solid gentleman.

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