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Mourinho Leaves Chelsea..

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

After three years at the club, after 2 premier league titles, 2 league cups, 1 FA cup and 1 FA Community Shield, and an unbeaten-league-home-record later… Jose Mourinho has finally left Chelsea.

Not that it was completely unexpected, but the team players must have been pretty shocked by the turn of events in such a short span. Most of last year’s premiership was filled with rumors and facts about Jose Mourinho’s fights with Roman Abrohamovic, the Chelsea team owner. It even ended with a news reporting saying that Mourinho would leave at the end of the season. Mourinho later cleared doubts regarding his future at Stanford Bridge, stating that there would only be two ways for him to leave Chelsea: if Chelsea were not to offer him a new contract in June 2010, and if Chelsea were to sack him.. Apparently he never mentioned way 3: leaving in the middle of the season..!

Whatever be the reason of his exit, one cannot dispute his amazing statistics with Chelsea: Played 185 Won 124 Lost 21 Drawn 40 with a percentage of 88.65%.. However the most glorious fact about his life at Chelsea was his impeccable home record in the premiership.. 67 matches unbeaten, or in simpler words, Mourinho has never faced a premiership home defeat at Chelsea..

Chelsea have got to recover from this shock as fast as they can, because they have Manchester United up against them.. and the current league champions are in no way going to help out Chelsea from their time of gloom… And about Mourinho, he should get a manager’s position at another club with relative ease, since he commands amazing qualities, and of course some even more amazing statistics…